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The Classic Horrors Club Podcast EP 64: A Christopher Lee Christmas

Join Jeff & Richard in the crypt as they discuss two classic Eurohorror films featuring Christopher Lee: Crypt of the Vampire (1964) and The Castle of the Living Dead (1964.) Then, Steve Turek from the DieCast Movie Podcast appears with his thoughts on The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism (1967.) They also mention the other movies in the set: Sherlock Holmes & the Deadly Necklace (1962) and Challenge the Devil (1963), as well as the Polish television series, Theatre Macabre (1971.) With this many titles, there are sure to be a variety of opinions!


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The Little Drummer Boy by Christopher Lee, from 2012 single, A Heavy Metal Christmas.

Silent Night by Christopher Lee, from 2012 single, A Heavy Metal Christmas.

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