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The Classic Horrors Club Podcast EP 57: George Zucco's Secret

This month we return to a classic horror profile with the star of Dr. Renault's Secret (1942), Fog Island (1945), and Lured (1947), George Zucco. Known as a "spellbinder" on stage and "one-take Zucco" on screen, George Zucco carried a magnificent presence, but was always a gentleman.


Although he was a neighbor of Lionel Atwill, they didn't share the same social life. Nevertheless, the author of Hollywood Babylon II claimed Zucco's final days were just as scandalous. What really happened? Jeff and Richard will set the story straight (with a little help from printed reference materials called, "books.")


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Voodoo Man, by Lavelle White, from the 1994 album, Miss Lavelle

The Mummy's Hand, by Zip Caplan & Cast of Thousands, from the 2008 album, Monsters & Heroes

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Poverty Row HORRORS!: Monogram, PRC and Republic Horror Films of the Forties, by Tom Weaver

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