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The Classic Horrors Club Podcast EP 53: The Strange New Genesis of Planet Earth

Welcome to the new year: 2133 A.D.


Either Dylan Hunt (Alex Cord or John Saxon) or Anthony Vico (John Saxon) wake from suspended animation to find the world has changed. During this month's meeting of the Classic Horrors Club, Jeff and Richard discuss three of Gene Roddenberry's post-Star Trek attempts to launch a new TV series: Genesis II (1973), Planet Earth (1974), and Strange New World (1975.)


Be sure to watch the companion episode with all kinds of highlights and bonus features on our YouTube channel. If you like what you hear, you're going to love what you see! Check it out and give us some feedback... both on the podcast and the video.


For now, put on your togas and relax, but keep your STEMs handy... It's not always going to be a fun adventure.

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Planet Earth by Duran Duran from the 1981 album, Duran Duran

Strange New World by Intense from the 2007 album, As Our Army Grows

(Both available on Apple Music.)

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