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The Classic Horrors Club Podcast EP 50: Halloween Extravaganza!

You're invited to join us for a party as we celebrate not only Halloween, but also our 50th episode and the launch of our YouTube companion show!


Join Jeff, Richard, and a number of surprise guests that ring our doorbell for Halloween. We promise no tricks, only treats. Don't take your seats for this meeting because we'll enter and exit dancing...

Call us at:

(616) 649-2582 That's (616) 649-CLUB

or email:, or...

...join us in our clubhouse at:

We'd also appreciate if you'd give us an honest rating on Apple Podcasts or SoundCloud. Thank you!


Halloween by Aqua from the 2000 album, Aquarius.

Halloween by Tubular Bells from the 2015 EP, Halloween.

(Both available on Apple Music.)

Our Plugs:

Find Jeff at Classic Horrors Club or...

DC Comics Guy or...

The Reaction Shot:

Find Richard at Kansas City Cinephile: or...

Dread Media

Mihmiverse Monthly Audiocast

Monster Movie Kid:

Special thanks to:

Chris Franklin

Bill Mize

Derek M. Koch

Steve Turek

Christopher Page

Jonathan Angarola

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