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The Classic Horrors Club Podcast EP 49: Fright Favorites with David J. Skal

Rich and Jeff are honored to have author and film historian David J. Skal as their special guest for this month's meeting. You may have seen David on TCM last Friday night discussing with Dave Karger four of the 62 movies from his latest book, Fright Favorites.


We chat with David about that, as well as several other topics related to his books and studies. We also ask him the same question we asked our listeners: what was (or is) your go-to horror movie reference book or magazine? Two other authors and club members (Stephen D. Sullivan and Derek M. Koch) join us to answer that question, then Rich and Jeff share theirs.

All that, plus our regular features... It's an episode packed full of monster kid goodness, so take your seats as we call to order this month's meeting of The Classic Horrors Club Podcast...

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