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The Classic Horrors Club Podcast EP 46: Destroy All Space Amoebas!

Jeff and Richard have a wonderful evening’s entertainment lined up for you, one that will provide several hours of pleasurable relaxation and diversion for you and your family. Did you fail to dress up for tonight’s show? No tie, an old shirt and slacks, a house dress? Well, don’t give it a thought; we’re glad you came as you are. We just want you to enjoy yourselves…. a gay, pleasant evening for all!


We go out with a bang on our last visit (this summer) to the drive-in... a kaiju double feature at the Fiesta Drive-In in El Paso, Texas, circa 1971: Destroy All Monsters (1968) and Space Amoeba aka Yog: Monster from Space (1970.) Hurry back from the snack bar, the show begins in 3 minutes... 2 minutes... 1 minute...

Call us at:

(616) 649-2582 That's (616) 649-CLUB

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Destroy All Monsters, by 647F, from the 2016 single of the same name

Space Amoeba, by Rak, from the 2017 album, Kaiju Tape

(Both are available on Apple Music.)

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