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The Classic Horrors Club Podcast EP 45: Corridors of the Haunted Fiend

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Jeff and Richard have a wonderful evening’s entertainment lined up for you, one that will provide several hours of pleasurable relaxation and diversion for you and your family. Did you fail to dress up for tonight’s show? No tie, an old shirt and slacks, a house dress? Well, don’t give it a thought; we’re glad you came as you are. We just want you to enjoy yourselves…. a gay, pleasant evening for all!


Yes, we're back on the road for the summer. Our next stop: the Badger Drive-In Theater in Madison, Wisconsin, circa 1963. Let's roll down our windows, turn on the speakers, and call the meeting to order as we watch The Haunted Strangler, Fiend without a Face, and Corridors of Blood...

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Strangler, by Calla, from the 2003 album, Televise

Fiend without a Face, by Emergency, from the 2012 album, Everybody Panic

(Both are available on Apple Music.)

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