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The Classic Horrors Club Podcast EP 41: The Rise & Fall of Lionel Atwill

The 1930s had been a golden decade for Lionel Atwill. He was one of Hollywood's most highly respected and sought-after character actors. He was earning substantial amounts of money that offered him a luxurious standard of living. He was married to an extremely wealthy woman. He traveled often from East Coast to West Coast and back again, making the most of his homes in both - a large house and beach homes in Los Angeles, and a palatial mansion out East in Maryland. He had two yachts, one on a lake near his Baltimore home, the other on the West Coast. He had a valet to look after all his domestic needs. In his social life, he met and entertained rich and important guests - some of the foreign royalty - whose presence gave him prestige and status. It was a dream life.

What could possibly go wrong?

Neil Pettigrew, Lionel Atwill: The Exquisite Villain

2014, United States, Midnight Marquee Press p. 127

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